Case Studies

Hope Disability Centre brings Sania to life, and reunites her parents

Sania Arshad Malla, a five-year-old little girl was born in a remote village of Sumbal in district Bandipora. She was a twin child born with some lump on her face and club foot disorder.

Seeing this deformity, her paternal family disowned the new born. Living in a joint family. Sania’s mother repeated pleas to show her daughter to some good doctor were out rightly rejected by her in-laws and was asked that she cannot raise Sania while living in the house.                  

Sania’s father, who is a laborer, gave in to his parents and let her child and wife suffer. Helpless mother shifted her new born baby to her maternal home, where Sania’s grandmother took care of her.

Meanwhile, Sania’s mother could not resist temptation of seeing her girl. When she expressed her wish to do so she was declared an outlaw and was told she would not be taken back.

The mother preferred her girl child over in-laws home. She showed Sania to a doctor who advised her that Sania needs a surgery. Considering this poor mother was putting up at her father’s place with no source of income, the doctor suggested her to visit Hope Disability Centre (HDC) in Wayil Ganderbal in Kashmir to seek help in managing this corrective surgery.

“Doctors told me HDC does organize such kind of surgeries and if I approach them they may be able to help me in organizing surgery for Sania,” Sania’s mother said.

No sooner did she visit HDC’s office with letter from doctor confirming her claims, HDC management forwarded her details to its New Zealand based NGO partner MEND. Responding immediately, MEND asked HDC to go ahead with surgery and assured to bear all expenses for Sania’s surgery.

Though Sania’s father did develop affection for his alienated daughter, but being a laborer he was reluctant to challenge his family’s decision to bring her back to his own home.

Meanwhile, HDC arranged for the corrective surgery. From equipment needed during the surgery and to purchase of medicine after the surgery, everything was done by HDC. Besides, it was HDC only who took care of Sania’s transportation expenses .

The Centre even called father and counseled him regarding the issue which paid off. No sooner, did the hospital referred Sania to HDC for post operative care in HDC’s  Hostel-cum-Post Operative Care Unit, Sania’s father showed up. Sitting besides his recently operated daughter., the father apologized his wife and pledged that will never give up on either of the two. The exuberant mother and daughter expressed joy to see their loved one. Sania’s mother was grateful to MEND and HDC for making this surgery possible and for her family’s reunion.