M. Yaseen Bagat

M. Yaseen Bagat

Mohammad Yaseen Baggat, a 16-year-old boy had a false joint (pseudo orthosis) in his left shin bone) at the time of his birth. Yaseen lives in Palhalan , Baramulla and his father Abdul Majeed Baggat is a daily wage earner (labourer) by profession. “Doctors applied various treatments on Yaseen which included plastering of affected leg at the tender age of one.

He was also admitted in a hospital for surgery when he was 2 years old but the doctors at the last moment reversed their decision and the surgery was not conducted.

We went for various kinds of treatments but the results were negative. Our hopes and dreams of seeing our child stand and walk without any pain were shattered.

We thought he has to live in this manner for his entire life”, said Majeed. “My studies got affected as I was not attending school regularly. Most of the times, the pain was unbearable and I had to use walking stick for my movements”, says Yaseen.

On 22nd February 2010, Irfan Majeed, Hope Disability Centre (HDC) community facilitator visited Yaseen’s house and asked the family to bring Yaseen to the rehabilitation camp which was to be organized by HDC on 8th March 2010 in their locality. After being assessed by Mudasir, HDC physiotherapist at the rehabilitation camp, Yaseen was referred to the SKIMS Government hospital at Bemina for orthopedic treatment. HDC sponsors some of the orthopedic surgeries for persons with disabilities living below the poverty line.

Yaseen underwent a corrective surgery sponsored by HDC with support from ALTSO. After the surgery Yaseen was advised by the doctors not to put the entire weight of his body on his limbs so that extra pressure on the joint is avoided. HDC with the support of Handicap International provide free of cost auxiliary crutches to assist Yaseen in standing again.

Yaseen began to walk with the help of crutches and during the course of time doctors advised orthotic (limb) support for Yaseen so that that weight of the affected limb is shared by orthosis (limb support) during movements and no pain is experienced . On 12th January 2011, HDC provided orthosis to Yaseen free of cost.

Today, Yaseen is able to stand and walk without any discomfort and the family is waiting for the day when his orthosis would be removed completely. “We are thankful to HDC for their help and support in making our child stand again. HDC has done what other could not do for us,” said Majeed.