Hostel and Post Operative Care Unit (HPOCU)

HPOCU dressingSania 2

Established in December 2011 Hostel & Post Operative Care Unit (HPOCU) provides boarding and lodging facilities to patients during their rehabilitation care period at HDC.

The unit has accommodation capacity for 12 people. This includes six patients and six caregivers. HPOCU facility is availed by two types of patients:

The first one comprises of recently operated patients who HDC refers to city hospital for corrective surgeries. After their surgeries, these patients need more time for their rehabilitation. Therefore, these patients are admitted in HPOCU where they receive post-operative rehabilitation such as physiotherapy and nursing. The beneficiary gets hospital like atmosphere to recover fully without incurring any kind of infection.

The second type of patients who avail the hostel facilities are the ones who come to HDC for treatment from far off places. Considering their long distance these patients cannot visit the centre daily to receive their rehabilitation treatment, so they stay at our hostel.