Prosthetic and Orthotic Unit (P&O)

The Prosthetic and Orthotic (P&O), running at Hope Disability Centre from the last over a decade has done a tremendous job of providing hope to persons with limb disabilities. It has given them a hope to walk, and walk they did.

Being an important unit our organisation, and headed by P&O expert, Irshad Ahmad Wani, the main activities of the unit are to design and fabricate custom-made artificial limbs (prostheses) and walking support to the beneficiaries.

Irshad with the support of talented Waseem Ahmad, P&O technician, have made and fixed artificial limbs to hundreds of conflict victims, amputees, accident victims, and other similar cases. These expert technicians manufacture both types of prostheses:

i) Functional and cosmetic upper limb prostheses. (ii) Functional as well as cosmetic lower limb prostheses. Besides, providing maintenance and repair service for prostheses and orthoses.  


Working in coordination with orthopedics, medical specialists, and physiotherapists to help produce the highest possible level of mobility aids for disabled people of all ages, the team has thus far attended to more than 2000 beneficiaries. Of them more than 600 are prothesis cases, while nearly 1500 are of orthosis. The team also does follow up of these beneficiaries at HDC.

Kinds of orthoses the P&O team produces: 

  •  Toe splint
  • Insole/arch support
  • Ankle-foot orthoses
  • Caliper
  • Fracture brace
  • Functional knee brace
  • Scoliosis brace
  • Cervical and spinal orthoses
  • Static and dynamic upper limb orthoses

The team also produces other Mobility aid devices, Postural and seating devices; Rehabilitation adaptation aids.