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Hope Disability Centre is the main project of SHE HOPE SOCIETY.


SHE HOPE Society is a non profit, non political, non-government, non-religious Working in Jammu and Kashmir for down trodden people, disabled and disadvantaged People, Women SHG, Artisans, and other weaker sections of society. Society is a registered (NGO), registered under the IndianSocieties Registration Act VI of 1998 (1941 A.D.) vide registration No: 3711-S of 2001.


Society is located beside the Sindh River in Ganderbal, a rural district, 28kms from Srinagar, the summer capital of Kashmir on sonomarg leh National Highway near Wayil Bridge.

She Hope Society is having its main undertaking Viz; Hope Disability Centre  having  its registered office at Wayil Ganderbal and sub centers at Kupwara, Baramulla and Bandipora.


She Hope Services:

  • 1. Rehabilitation of disabled & disadvantaged people
  • 2. Health & education
  • 3. Skills’ training & micro loan scheme
  • 4. Human rights advocacy
  • 6. Promotion of artisans and handcrafts

She Hope Society
Post Box No. 970
GPO Srinagar, Kashmir, India 190001
Phone: +91 194 2419536
Mobile: 97970 00019, 98588 11321 (chairman: Mr.Nabi Wani)

The Hope Society in its policy frame work use the following steps:

AWARENESS programmes are carried out in village communities at grass root level to provide general awareness regarding health, education, legal awareness, women cause, women empowerment, causes of disability, HIV, Female feticide, etc. And to explain them about the schemes available with the different Govt/Semi Govt Departments.

IDENTIFICATION of beneficiaries / artisans etc. by social worker through surveys of villages and districts to record the number, home, family and education and financial details, the level of community support and accessibility to buildings and toileting facilities. This information help us to fill different preformats required for project formation.

ASSESSMENT by a trained physio-therapist or doctor of each disabled person to accurately diagnose the cause of disability to decide whether a disease, muscular or neurological and to check the level of joint contractures and limb flexibility in order to gauge the necessary intervention. This may include medical help, fitting an orthotic (brace) support or prosthetic (artificial) limb, surgeries etc .  Artisans / craft persons get raw material from the society and after handing over finishing items , they use to get their wages properly. Also society is trying to link them with different agencies for skill development programmes and convergence.

TREATMENT is carried out by hospital, physio clinic, Hope Centre or other suitable disability or health service provider who can help with hospital and surgery costs.. Handicap International is the main source who use to bear all expenditure of these heads and some other agencies like MEND, ALTSO, Abilis Foundation etc. are helping out.

FOLLOW-UP visits by Hope to disabled member’s homes to regularly gauge progress or problems that develop during treatment. It may be necessary to change the approach to rehabilitation and make adaptions to equipment if needed e.g. as a child grows and callipers, need lengthening, as with walkers and standing frames. Society is having mobile clinic / ambulances which we use for this purpose.

SKILLS’ TRAINING is provided to artisans/ Craft persons/ disabled members/ to improve their income-generating ability which in turn, will uplift their sense of self-worth and dignity in their family and community.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT : Society use to link its beneficiaries with different financial institution for availing micro financing on easy and low rate of interest, so that they may establish their income generation units which will increase their overall financial conditions.

issues of disabled members are addressed by Hope so they can have equal choices & opportunities to those who are able-bodied so as to live more .Also issues related to issues like RTI, Public Guarantee Act, etc. is to be discussed with the beneficiaries so that they will use it properly and get justice every were.

These activities are mainly implemented by the society for and Hope Disability Centre is looking after Disability related activities which include identification of disabled members, assessment, fitting of aids and appliances, surgeries, rehabilitations, physiotherapy, education , etc. Presently Hope Disability centre is a partner of an International organisation namely Handicap International.

Society is working in other fields like Awareness, Human Rights, Pre Schooling, promotion of Kashmir Art like shawls, sozni, crewel etc. and under this section society is having more than 1350 women artisans in different Kashmir Division. Under AHVY, Ministry of Textiles society covered 250 artisans and as per steps all these artisan will get benefits of the scheme.

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