Malik Abrar Altaf: Manager, Support Services

Knack for looking into minute details, and cross checking every document before approving it are some of the virtues which make Malik Abrar Altaf – HDC’s recently appointed Manager, Support Services a thorough professional.

When Malik-an MBA professional decided to join a local NGO over his well-paid job in Dubai many eyebrows were, however, for Abrar it was like taking a plunge for a new challenge to keep his life adventurous and exciting.

Though perks wise his current job was not at par with his overseas job, yet proximity to his domicile, belonging to his family, and new challenge to take a local NGO to a next level were enough reasons for this professional with specialization in marketing and IT, to take up the job.

Malik started his professional career very young while he was still pursuing his bachelors by joining a multinational company Bajaj Allianz as a part time salesman. With his charismatic style he soon overcame his peer competition and was number one salesman in the company. Impressed with his phenomenal performance, the company offered him full time job of “Insurance Core Consultant”. He worked here for two years.

During the period, Malik started realizing the importance of a knowing all the nuance of business world, therefore, he decided to give up on his stable job and opted to pursue full time masters degree in management from University of Kashmir. With specialization in marketing and IT, Malik completed his two-year-old degree with excellent grades.

While Malik was on his unwinding holidays after finishing his degree, in Himachal Pradesh he in a casual conversation with Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training manager, was offered a job of Customer Acquisition Executive. Here he was required to manage data, team, MIS- reporting, answer customer queries, prepare official presentations, forming batches, planning various acidities, and time scheduling.

However, for some family emergency he had to finish off the work and return to Valley. No sooner did he returned he was approached by a business school for a lecturing job. Here he taught graduate level students “marketing management” and “managerial economics”.

Here he worked for an entire year. Although Malik was happy with his job, yet he always had a craving for contributing something in a non-profit sector. Therefore, no sooner, did he had an offer from an INGO Mercy Corps to work for them he gladly accepted the role. He joined the INGO as Assistant Procurement and Logistics Manager. His primary role here was to coordinate MC procurement activities; assist staff on collecting quotations and bids from the market; interact with vendors during collection of quotations –ensure fair competition and strictly adhering to MC procurement rules regarding vendor relations; interacting with contractors, coordinating with the program and Logistics Manager.

Within a year’s time only Malik with his impeccable performance got promoted to Procurement and Logistics Manager’s job. Here again he delivered his best for more than seven months, yet, while working with a few foreigners in the organization, he developed a new quest to work in some foreign land with work force coming from different countries.

He wanted it to learn more about the people, their lands, their cultures, and their working styles. Therefore, he started looking for the options and soon he found Rasasi Perfume Industry LLC- a Dubai based perfume-company creating some of the best and most exclusive fragrances worldwide.

Malik was offered Assistant Procurement and Logistics Manager. Although the job was a step down from his previous role, yet for the sake of international exposure he was ready to take a step back.

Here his main duties were keeping a close eye on MRP for the overall generation of purchase requisitions, and timely conversion into purchase orders; reviewing purchase/service requisitions in accordance with the budget of a particular strategic business unit; conducting initial approval of purchase orders; preparing requests for proposal, requests for qualifications and requests for information; evaluating submissions, and making award recommendations, as requested by Supervisor; Conduct bid openings; administering compliance on awards, addendums, and notifications; interacting with contractors, in coordination with the SBU-Managers; overseeing purchasing and warehouse operations for compliance; ensure timely payments to vendors/contractors

His exemplary work was greatly appreciated by the board of directors of the company who proposed a managerial role for Malik. But before he could have given his consent a family emergency forced him to decline the offer and call it a day from the company. Although, the company asked him to take some time off to sort out his family issues, however, Malik being the only son in his family, was left with no option than to move back to his domicile.

No sooner did he arrive in Valley, he applied for a recently advertised job by Hope Disability Centre. With diverse experience under his belt, it was an easy decision for the NGO’s selection committee to recruit him for the job.



Irshad Ahmad Wani – Prosthetic and Orthotic expert

Irshad Ahmad Wani working from the last 13 years has now grown up into an prosthetic and orthotic expert at Hope Disability Centre.                                                                      

Before Hope, Irshad worked as P& O technician in various NGOs. His first job was at Composite Regional Centre (CRC)–a Government of India institute in Kashmir- from where Irshad studies his two-year P& O course. Recognizing his talent, confidence and dedication, CRC immediately offered him a job no sooner he finished his studies there.

At CRC, Irshad, who worked in prosthetic and orthotic section for three years, polished his technique and also gained experience in dealing with various kinds of patients. It was his quest to know more that took him to Jaipur, where he joined Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahitya Samiti (BMVSS), popularly known as “Jaipur Foot”- a national NGO, in which he worked for two and half years and learned new and modern techniques adapted by the organization. When BMVSS opened its branch in Kashmir in 2008-09, the organization put the responsibility of establishing a prosthetic and orthotic ward on Irshad.

Not only did he open the ward, but made it a success story by his hard work and dedication. His expertise got him recognized among the people working in his field and soon HDC offered him to join. Irshad joined HDC in June 2010, where his job is similar to his previous work of making prosthesis and orthosis for HDC beneficiaries. He values his patients’ satisfaction above everything else.

“There is no better contentment than when I see a gleam of hope in the eyes of my patients after fixing their limbs,” says Irshad, a football and cricket player who loves watching Bollywood movies.



Bilal Ahmad Bhat – Accounts OfficBilal Ahmad Bhater

Bilal is currently working as HDC’s “Accounts Officer”. Soon after he finished his Masters in Commerce with specialization in Business Studies,  Bilal joined HDC as a Finance Assistant in 2009.

Bilal assisted HDC Finance Manager to share some of his responsibilities. His relevant educational background and his interest in work were sufficient for the office management to allow Bilal to work as an Accounts Assistant. His job was to manage accounts of all the HDC donors. He under the supervision of his superior proved his metal and was always seen doing extra hours to ensure HDC remains 100 percent compliant with all the official rules and regulations.

Seeing his managerial skills, Bilal was asked in 2011 to take extra responsibility of managing office logistics which he did very efficiently. Seeing his passion for numbers and his good knowledge regarding the accounts , Bilal was promoted as an Accounts Officer in 2012.

His main responsibilities include check, control and monitor all accounting activities of all the organisation, Preparation of monthly closing entries, P&L and Balance Sheet, Supervise and audit the activities of the Accounting Team, Preparation of monthly and yearly accounts and finalization of statutory audit, Verification of entries entered and passed, Liaison with the banks and principle suppliers. And maintaining sales and purchase register, preparing cash vouchers, Bank payment vouchers, maintaining Bank Book and Bank reconciliation, VAT & Sales Tax, C Form Follow up, invoicing and documentation and other work related to accounts of the organisation.

Over the years, he has been maintaining more than seven Donors Accounts: Handicap International, SLF, She HOPE Society, ALTSO, MEND, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, CARITAS INDIA , Hope Disability Centre’s national account.



Mushtaq Ahmad Dar, Logistics Officer

Mustaq Ahmad Dar, who has a Master’s degree in Business Administration,  always aimed to work in an international organisation. His good academic credentials and talent landed him a job in international non-governmental organization, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). He joined MSF as an Assistant administrator,  an assignment where he not only learn nuances of growing up in a good administrator but was also exposed to international organisation’s daily working style.

Armed with a degree and two-years administrative experience at MSF, he got a job offer from Handicap International, a renowned international NGO. In HI, he joined as Accounts and Finance assistant. Such was his meticulous working style that after working for two years, HI’s partner organization in Kashmir Hope Disability Centre offered him Logistic Officer’s role. Since 2014 he is working for HDC at this post.  At HDC, he meets all the logistic needs with utmost proficiency.




Wasim Wani-Prosthetic and Orthotic technician

Wasim Wani, Prothosis and Orthosis technician at Hope Disability Centre, is one of the most dedicated staff member. Wasim joined HDC seven years ago as an assistant. Having a yearning to grow, learn and dedication to work, he was sent by HDC in University of Social and Labour Affairs at Vietnamese Training Centre for Orthopaedic Technologists (VIETCOT) at Hanoi in Vietnam for a year to train as Prothosis and Orthosis practitioner.

A humble young man, Wasim makes P&O limbs like an artist. For patients and beneficiaries, Wasim fulfills their hope to walk and move.