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was A walk to remember

 Living in the remotes of Zazna Ganderbal, a village which is 28 km away from city, nine-year old Sumaira suffers with a congenital defect in her spinal cord commonly known as Spina -bifida.

The disability limited her mobility and took off her control over her bowl or bladder movement.

According to her parents she was born with a big water lump on her back, which doctors in city’s leading hospital SKIMS Soura operated only 14 days after her birth.

The lump was basically Spina bifida, which needed to be operated to prevent further complications and infection to her spinal cord.

Sumaira’s father Mehrajuddin Panna says Sumaira’s feet were alright at the time of her birth, however, after the first operation they started twisting inwards… Read Full Case Study

M. Yaseen Bagat

Mohammad Yaseen Baggat, a 16-year-old boy had a false joint (pseudo orthosis) in his left shin bone) at the time of his birth. Yaseen lives in Palhalan , Baramulla and his father Abdul Majeed Baggat is a daily wage earner (labourer) by profession. “Doctors applied various treatments on Yaseen which included plastering of affected leg at the tender age of one.

He was also admitted in a hospital for surgery when he was 2 years old but the doctors at the last moment reversed their decision and the surgery was not conducted.

We went for various kinds of treatments but the results were negative. Our hopes and dreams of seeing our child stand and walk without any pain were shattered… Read Full Case Study

Yasin Bhat

Yasin Bhat, a 7 year old boy, resident of Waripora, Safapora of Ganderbal district was diagnosed with cerebral palsy that translates for him into lack of control over neck movements.

Further, epilepsy worsened Yasin’s condition and as a result he was unable to sit or even crawl properly for the first three years of his life. It was on 15th April 2010 that Bilqees Fazili, Community Worker of Hope Disability Centre visited the family and advised them to bring Yasin to the rehabilitation camp which was to be organized by HDC in their locality and they would be informed about the date and time of the camp… Read Full Case Study

Mohmmad Ashraf

Smiling Mohd Ashraf After Receiving Prosthesis Most of us would agree with the fact that childhood is the most exciting phase in one’s life. The tension free life which everyone yearns for is the childhood where in what counts is the present and nothing else.

But for Ashraf, a nine year old boy, it has been a tough experience.Mohammad Ashraf Khan, a class 5th student suffered from a congenital deformity at the time of birth which resulted in the shortening of his right limb and right foot deformity… Read Full Case Study

Falak Nazir

Falak Nazir, a 3 year old girl can now stand and walk, which earlier seemed impossible for her parents. By birth, Falak had a deformity in her left feet (club foot/inverted foot) that hampered her normal development &

prevented her to stand and walk properly. Falak’s father Nazir Ahmed Shah, resident of Youngoora, Ganderbal is a shawl weaver by profession and his financial resources are scanty.

At her birth, doctors told Nazir that Falak’s condition can be treated only when she reaches six months of age. ?After six months, we took Falak to the Bones and Joint hospital, Barzulla, Srinagar where doctors operated on her foot. We had to keep her foot plastered for about a year. After every 15 days, we had to remove her plaster only to get a new plaster done on her foot. After one year of plaster treatment, Falak’s deformed foot showed some signs of improvement, however her foot still remained a bit curved, which gave her a limp in her walk?, says Nazir… Read Full Case Study

Karim Khan

Life took an ugly turn for Abdul Karim Khan in the year 2005 when he lost his left leg to tetanus infection.Karim,40,a daily labourer by profession, didn’t knew that a minor

injury caused by a sharp object could result in his disability. “I was working in the field when a nail pierced my left foot; I just took it in casual manner and wrapped it with a cloth to heal.

It didn’t affect my work, however after one year, my leg started showing signs of weakness and decomposition, which made me worried and I approached the government hospital for medical consultation”. Doctors diagnosed it as a case of tetanus infection and amputated Karim’s leg… Read Full Case Study

Iqra Nazir

Iqra Nazir, a 7 year old girl was suffering from CTEV (Congenital Talipus Equino Varus). She comes from a very small and poor family that includes her father – a laborer by profession, her mother and two sisters, who help her

mother in her household activities. She lives in Wakura, a village in the outskirts of district Ganderbal, in a rural area. Her family earning is 100 INR per day (just over $2 US), which is insufficient for the family to meet their daily needs, as the father is the only earning hand of the family and the two sisters are too young to work.

On 12th March, our community worker was in the field doing door to door surveys. He was looking for patients with disabilities, who could benefit from our center… Read Full Case Study

Tavheed Ahamad Rather

Tavheed Ahamad Rather,  an 11  year old  boy lives in Noorbagh Srinagar Kashmir, India,  is a student of grade  5 studies at the local government school.  His father,  Gulam Mohammad Rather is a local shop keeper  and  Tavvheed, his only child.  From  early childhood Tavheed  was diagnosed  with moderately severe bilateral sensoria-neural hearing loss.

He was  recommended  to use  a hearing aid. When he was  just  2 years old  his father  realised he had  hearing impairment  and also a problem in speech… Read Full Case Study

Gulam Rasool Ganie

Gulam Rasool Ganie, a 70 years old resident of LatiwazaVillage in the district of Ganderbal in  KashmirValley, is a tailor / needle-worker.

Gulam Rasool is suffering from both physical as well as sensorial disabilities. He is suffering from deformity in both knee joints from early childhood, and also sensorianeural hearing loss in both ears for the last 10 years… Read Full Case Study

Fida Hussain

Fida Hussain middle aged man resident of Rainawari Srinagar. He is a very simple man who earns his livelihood by doing hard labor in spite of that he is not able to fulfill his daily necessities of his large family, which consists of  four sons and two daughters. His elder daughter namely Morifat [age 14yrs] has got congenital hearing impairment with the result she is also gone through with impaired speech and language. Her younger sister namely Bisma [age 6yrs] has also got the same problem… Read Full Case Study