Tavheed Ahamad Rather

Tavheed Ahamad Rather,  an 11  year old  boy lives in Noorbagh Srinagar Kashmir, India,  is a student of grade  5 studies at the local government school.  His father,  Gulam Mohammad Rather is a local shop keeper  and  Tavvheed, his only child.  From  early childhood Tavheed  was diagnosed  with moderately severe bilateral sensoria-neural hearing loss.

He was  recommended  to use  a hearing aid. When he was  just  2 years old  his father  realised he had  hearing impairment  and also a problem in speech.

Tavheed’s father was able to arrange  a hearing aid from the local government centre  which  made little difference to his impairment as he was not able to comprehend low frequency  sounds efficiently.   That hearing aid was a simple  type commonly used by older age persons  but did not  affect Tavheeds’  hearing level.

However his father could not find any other alternative hearing aid because he had very limited sources of income  and has trouble even meeting  the needs of his family properly.

AS Tavheed  grew  he started experiencing many difficulties at both social as well as academic level. Slowly  his social life become dull and boring due to his impairment. Thanks to his hearing impairment his speech had many confusing errors. Day by day his studies were  hampered  while his teachers got angry as they  complained to  his parents that he was not attentive  enough in classroom in spite  of wearing  that government, low quality hearing aid.

His father could not believe  his eyes that now Tavheed could hear normally .

Tavheed was too shy to express his joy  but soon was discovering the  new joy of happiness through hearing that was lost once. But now it was back for him.

His father was very much happy and thankful to Hope Hearing.  Tavheed now must come for speech therapy training once in a week with which his father agreed .

So that is what makes it fun to be an audiologist.