Donation made by kurlon in collaboration with Hope Disability Centre in J & k


ENTREPRENEURS duly registered under the Societies Act VI of 1998 (1941 A.D) is a non-profit, non-political, non-government, non-religious organization working in the remote, border and disaster prone areas of Jammu and Kashmir on Physical Rehabilitation, Livelihood, Inclusive Education, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Public Health, Skill Development for Vulnerable population including people with disabilities since 2001 through Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR), Institutional Based Rehabilitation (IBR) programs/approach in close coordination with the State Administration.

Hope disability centre owes a special gratitude to Kurlon Enterprises limited for entrusting us with the task of donating bedding items to vulnerable and marginalized sections of the society including persons with disabilities yet again.

This is the second instance that we have received the donations from, Kurlon in kind to be distributed in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir. We truly laud this gesture of kurlon to come to the aid of deprived sections of the society here.

It is a common knowledge that Kashmir is a cold place where winters are harsh. The challenges it brings with it for poor in terms of keeping themselves warm to survive the cold are not easy to cope with due to lack of resources.  

The previous donations were made among people from remote areas where it snows heavy and cause immense misery and hardship to people particularly the sick.

The donation made this time round by Kurlon was comparatively smaller than the previous one, it nevertheless, was sufficient enough to cater a good number of needy families.    

The donations made include the following items

BLOO 18/Blanket 3.5kg HE, -

Portico Combed Bed Lux/s,

Portico Combo set-HE Variety and

Pearl B-1539A Vilota A45A 3S 210x85x70.

Total beneficiaries of the donation

Direct beneficiaries: 21 families

Indirect beneficiaries: 105 persons

The beneficiaries that were the recipient of the donation this time mostly comprised of orphans, widows and persons with disabilities. Even in some case the recipients included families where wedding were either scheduled in a few days time or taking place right at the time of the donation. They were absolutely over the moon and all thankful to kurlon Foundation and Hope Disability Centre for the donation. We believe that this partnership will continue to be a source of hope for poor and vulnerable in future as well so that more and more people could be reached in other areas as well.



















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