Training program of Local Traditional Professionals




Location: Gutiyar, Baramulla


Invariably our beneficiaries due to non-availability of skilled people in their home places in remote and border areas compels them to travel all the way to our head office in Ganderbal for repairing of minor glitches. This fact came to our notice during the course of implementation of rehabilitation schemes. So it was decided that training local traditional professionals is the best bet to overcome this problem. As part of this initiative, She Hope Society for Women Entrepreneurs (SHSFWE) with the support of HCL Foundation conducted a training program of local traditional professionals in Gutiyar district Baramulla on 16th September 2021. The training covered most of the areas that generally lead to breakdown of assistive devices. The trainings were given by professionals.


 The objective of this training was to make local traditional professionals capable of fixing minor breakdowns of assistive devices of our beneficiaries. The professionals that participated in the training, includes cobblers, carpenters, cycle mechanics, and prosthetic aid repairing assistants etc. The participants were trained in carrying out minor repairs like strapping, riveting and padding of splints of prosthetic and orthotic devices. They were also trained in repairing and development of aids and appliances particularly corner and toilet chairs.


Trainers/Resource persons

Ø  The training on repair of aids and appliances was given by experienced consultant from a very reputed Furniture Industry, this consultant has been developing corner chairs and toilet chairs from the past 12 years.

Ø  The training on repair of prosthetic and orthotic devices was delivered by prosthetic and orthotic professionals of HDC.

   Topics Covered:

 The topics covered under training on development and repair of aids and appliances are as follows;

 ·         Toilet chair and corner chair -product familiarization and benefits of device

·       Standard specifications of toilet chair and corner Chairs (Small, Medium and Large)

·         Practical demonstration for developing toilet chairs and corner chairs

·         Common breakages of the corner chair and toilet chairs

·         Ways to repair the common breakages of corner chair and toilet chairs


The topics covered under training on repair of prosthetic and orthotic devices are as follows;


  •         Brief Introduction and uses of prosthetics and orthotics
  •          Common breakdowns in prosthetic and orthotic devices·
  •          Problems faced by people with disabilities in repairing their prosthetic and orthotic devices
  • ·         Riveting of orthotic devices
  • ·         Repairing of hook & loop, straps, soft padding, knee caps of orthotic devices
  • ·         Oiling of orthotic joints
  • ·         Tightening of nut &bolt/screws in prosthetic and orthotic devices
  • ·         Compensation measurement for limb length discrepancy and attaching compensation
  • ·         Repairing soft socket in Prosthesis

 The training was attended by 06 persons. 

Methodology:  The training was given in 2 categories;

1) Familiarization with the products

2) Practical learning

In the first category a comprehensive knowledge was given about assistive devices and their importance for people with disabilities

The second category dealt with imparting training about taking measurements, identifying the problems and methods to develop and repair assistive devices using appropriate material.


 Ø  People from far flung areas do not have to spend hours travelling for fixing of their assistive devices which was a norm earlier for them.

 Ø  Local traditional professionals feel empowered as it added to their skill and even offered them an opportunity to earn extra money. 

 Ø  Poor beneficiaries do not have to spend money on travelling anymore.

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