Society  in its policy frame work  use to fallow following steps 

 AWARENESS programmers are carried out in village communities at grass root level to  provide  general awareness  regarding  health, education, legel awareness, women cause,

 women empowerment, causes of disability, HIV, Female feticide, etc. And  t explain them about the schemes available with t different Govt/Semi Govt Departments.


IDENTIFICATION of  beneficiaries / artisians  etc by social worker through surveys of villages and districts to record  the number, home, family and education and financial details,

 the level of community support and  accessibility to buildings and toileting facilities. This information  help us to  fill  different proformas  required for project formation.


ASSESSMENT by a trained  physio-therapist  or doctor of each disabled person to accurately diagnose the cause of disability to decise   whether a disease, muscular or neurological and  

to check the level of  joint contractures and  limb flexibility in order to gauge the necessary intervention.  This may include  medical help, fitting an orthotic (brace) support or prosthetic (artificial) limb, 

surgeries etc .  Artisans / craft persons  get  raw material from the society and  after  handing  over  finishing items , they use to get their  wages properly. Also society is trying to link them

with different agencies for skill development programmers and convergence.


TREATMENT  is carried out by hospital, physio clinic, Hope Centre or other suitable disability or health service provider who can  help with hospital  and

surgery costs.. Handicap Internation is  the main source  who use to bear all expenditure  of these heads and  some other agencies like MEND,ALTSO,

Abilis Fouandation etc are helping  out.


FOLLOW-UP  visits by Hope to disabled members homes to regularly  gauge progress or problems that develop during  treatment. It may be necessary

 to change the approach to rehabilitation and  make adaptions to equipment if needed  e.g  as a child grows and calipers, need lengthening ,

 as with walkers and standing frames. Society  is  having mobile clinic  / ambulances which  we use for this purpose.

SKILLS’ TRAINING is provided to   artisans/ Craft persons/ disabled members/ to improve their income-generating ability which in turn, will uplift their


sense of self-worth and dignity in their family and community.

FINANCIAL  SUPPORT : Society use to  link its beneficiaries with different financial institution   for availing micro  financing  on easy and low  rate of intrest ,

so that they may establish thesir income generation units which  will increase their over all financial  conditions.


issues of  disabled members are addressed by Hope  so they can have equal choices & opportunities to those who are able-bodied  so as to live more .Also issues related to issues like  RTI,  Public Guarantee Act,  etc  is to be discussed szwith the beneficiaries so that they  will use it properly  and  get justice  every were.


 These activities  are mainly implemented by the society  for  and Hope Disibility Centre  is looking  Disability  releated activities  which include idendification of disabled members, assessment, fitting of aids and applienaces, surgeries,, physiotheraphy, education , etc

Presently Hope Disability centre is  a partner of an International organisation namely  Handicap International.

Society is working in other fields like Awareness, Human Rights, Pre Schooling, promotion of Kashmir Art like shawls, sozni, crewel etc and  under this section society is having  more than 1350 women artisins in different  kashmir Divsion. Under AHVY, Ministry of Textiles society  coverded 250 artisins  and  as per steps all these artisians will get benefits of the scheme.

Work of She Hope  in pictures..............

World Disability Day has been celebrated for many years around the world. This year we celebrated with Handicap International, and invited many disabled and other children to come together for this special day. The children were split up into groups, and each group took turns doing various activities:
1.    Painting
2.    Games including the stone game
3.    Cultural activities including music
4.    Clay moulding

A total  of 55 children participated, and prizes were given for the best painting, best games player, best musician, and best clay artist.  But all the children went away with a small gift to remember the day.  
We also had speeches by school children, and adults from Handicap International, the Hope Disability Centre, Ganderbal District Welfare Office, and others.
  District Social Welfare Officer Ganderbal Tabassum Kamli was one of the dignitaries attending the event. Kamli said “Hope Disability Centre is doing a commendable job. The organization is working for a cause and has been successful in uplifting the downtrodden community (disabled people) not only of Ganderbal district but of other parts of the Valley as well,”

Main Complex of the Society........Hope Disability center at wayil  Ganderbal.She Hope Society with the support of  different donors  create infrastruce  and permanent building along with hostel cum post operative care unit at wayil  Gandarbal Main donors are Handicap Interanion, MEND, ARMY, POLICE, etc who came and support usSome photographs of buildings,......


SHE HOPE ARTISIANS AND KASHMIR ART.....................................

 She Hope Society  in Handicraft Sector:
Handicraft Sector

                    Kashmir is now emerging from 24 years of disturbance which severely reduced social   services and providers reaching remote areas. Although no accurate survey has been carried out to determine the exact number  and types of  Craft persons(Handicrafts)  in district Ganderbal / Kangan , it is estimated that about 30,000  craft persons Urgently await  Basic skill upgradiation and development of craft related designs..

Handicrafts constitute an important segment of
the de-centralized/unorganized rural and backward 
sector of our
economy. It is mainly rural based, having reach in backward and in-accessible area. Originally, started
as a part time activity in rural areas, it has now transformed into a flourishing economic activity due
to significant market demand over the years. Handicrafts have big potential as they hold the key
for sustaining not only the existing set of millions of artisans spread over length and breadth of the
country, but also for increasingly large number of new entrants in the crafts activity. Presently,
handicraft sector is contributing substantially in employment generation and export but this sector
has suffered due to very nature of being unorganized with additional constraints like lack of education,
capital, poor exposure to new technologies, absence of market intelligence and poor institutional
framework. In order to overcome these constraints, Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hastashilp Vikash Yojana
(BAHVY) was launched in 2001-02 wherein the 
main thrust is on a projectized, need based approach
for integrated development of potential handicrafts clusters with participation of the craft persons at all
stages of implementation of the scheme with the ultimate objective of their empowerment and hence
sustainability. The scheme envisages a package of support to the cluster of handicraft artisans, which
inter-alia includes basic inputs and infrastructure support in addition to capacity enhancement to cater
to target markets.

Our Society  in addition of other activities worked continuously  for the betterment of weaker sections and  presently  became a partner of  many International organizations which includes Handicap International. Under disability sector we have rehabilitated more than 7500 such disabled cases by providing them  aids and appliances, Treatment, Surgeries, rehabilitations etc.

 Society was  engaged with promoting of local craft  for which about 700 craft persons were already linked with the society in Ganderbal District only.

Society approached Ministry of Textiles through , All India Handicrafts Department   for  proper  involvement  craft in these  areas where there is great need  .And according a project proposal was prepared after a data collection a grass root level and was submitted under AHVY scheme.

Society got proper sanction from the ministry and 250 artisans under this project will be covered in five stages as follows:


 ·         Diagnostic Survey and formulation of Project Plan.

·         Community empowerment for mobilization of artisans into Self Help Groups

·         Issuance of Identity cards to the artisans


·       Development and supply of improved modern tools

·       Design and Technical Development Workshops
Integrated Design and Technical Development project.

·       Training of artisans

·       Organizing Seminar & Symposium.
Technological status and need based study and research provision.


·         Organizing Exhibitions

·         Publicity through printing and electronic modern and brand building campaign

·         Setting up of Handicrafts emporia in own/rented/ outright purchase of building and renovation
 Market assessment, product assessment study and Study cum exposure tours for artisans and      other stake holders tour.

·         Establishment of warehousing cum Common
work shed

·         Entrepreneurship Development Programmes.


·        Margin Money support,  Bank Linkages, Micro Finance etc

·        Wage compensation to cluster manager  Service charges  etc.


·        establishment of Resource Centre for major crafts

·        Establishment of E-kiosks

·        Creation of Raw Material Banks  and Setting up of Common Facility Centre.

·      Technological assistance by setting up of Facility
Centers by Exporters/Entrepreneurs,


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