Board Members

 Board Members


Name: Ghulam Nabi Wani

S/o : Mohd Subhan Wani

Designation: chairman

Ph: 9419960522

 Ghulam Nabi wani is the chairman of She Hope Society. Besides, running his own business, he is a committed social worker. Despite his personal engagements, he is giving ample time to the Hope Disability Centre by sharing his expertise with the organization in serving our beneficiaries optimally.

Name: Shabnum Kausar

W/o : Muzamil Ahmad

Designation: Secretary

Ph: 9419501847

Shabnum Kausar is the secretary of She Hope Society for Women Entrepreneurs. She has been associated with the organization from the very beginning. Her selfless attitude and unbridled drive to serve needy and marginalized persons with disabilities has immensely contributed to growth and rendering of services to our beneficiaries.

Name : Sami Ullah Wani

S/o: Ghulam Nabi Wani

Designation: Executive Director

Ph: 9419901605

Sami Wani is the Executive Director of She Hope Society for Women Entrepreneurs. Serving people has been his childhood passion. He has started from the scratch by setting up a modest centre for treatment of various disabilities. Due to his tireless efforts, Hope Disability Centre has emerged as one of the leading centres for the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities from remote and border areas of Jammu and kashmir.

Name: Shugufta Bashir

D/o Bashir Ahmad Wani

Designation: Member

Ph: 7006983253

 Shagufta Bashir is a home make. But she devotes a lot of her time to social work. She personally visits to the homes of our beneficiaries to gauge the impact our services have made to them and on that basis more often than not she comes up with innovative ideas to make our services even more optimal.  


 Name: Wasim Ahmad Wani

S/o : Nooru Din Wani

Designation : Member

Ph: 7889592310


Wasim Ahmad Wani besides being a board member is also the Sr. Prosthetic and Orthotic technician of She Hope Society for Women Entrepreneurs. From the very young age Wasim was inclined towards social work. He particularly wanted to serve persons with disabilities. He joined the organization very young and underwent training in the fabrication of artificial limbs. The limbs that he fabricates at the Centre go a long way in the rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities.

Name: Mehraj-ud-din Khan

S/o : Gh. Hassan Khan

Designation: Member

Ph: 9697328220

Mehraj-ud-din Khan is a board member and has been serving the organization is several capacities over the years. He continues to guide the board with his valuable suggestions.

Name: Rifat Tabasum

D/o: Abdul Kabir Wani

Designation: Member

Ph. 9541708118

Rifat Tabasum is a board member and an ardent social worker. Although, she is a housewife, she serves the organization with all her energy and dedication. An extremely valuable member, her view are highly regarded by the organization.   

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